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Dapper Lil’ Gents x CreativeSoul Photo

Teach your son that appearance does matter and is a reflection of his inner self. He never gets a second chance to make a first impression. So, he should always be well groomed and dressed appropriately for the occasion. How he interacts with the people around him is what makes him suave and truly a dapper lil’ gentleman.

With all of the crazy images of boys and young men, CreativeSoul Photography simply wanted to showcase little gentlemen dressed up nicely.  Here are some of our favorite images from their shoot in NYC.

View More: http://creativesoulphoto.pass.us/dappergentsnyc     View More: http://creativesoulphoto.pass.us/dappergentsnyc
ABOVE:  Appaman Suit, Brooks Brothers bow tie and button down, Gap belt, J. Crew Shoes

View More: http://creativesoulphoto.pass.us/dappergentsnyc View More: http://creativesoulphoto.pass.us/dappergentsnyc
ABOVE:  Brooks Brothers button down and tie, Hackett blazer/overcoat, Appaman pant, J. Crew shoes

View More: http://creativesoulphoto.pass.us/dappergentsnyc
ABOVE:  Hat – stylist own, Brooks Brothers turtleneck, J. Crew blazer, Paul Stewart lapel pin, Gucci belt, Zara pant, Frye boots

ABOVE:  Zara button down, Brooks Brothers strip sweater, Appaman blazer and pants, J. Crew shoes

ABOVE:  Appaman suit, Brooks Brothers button down, Brooks Brothers tie, Brooks Brothers v-neck sweater, J. Crew shoes


Photo:  CreativeSoul Photo
Assistant Photographer:  AJ Robinson
Styling: Latoya Charae


Spotlight: Meet the ‘Rockstar Twins’

Meet eleven-year-old identical twins, Ka’Mani and Madison a.k.a. “Rockstar Twins.”  They are not only track stars but also models, actresses and much more.  We had the pleasure of hanging out with these two awesome girls during petitePARADE earlier this year.  How cool is that?  Check out the photos and interview below!

rockstartwins1 rockstartwins2  rockstartwins4rockstartwins3

  1. What do you like about being a twin?
    Ka’Mani:  I like that we look just alike.
    Madison:  I like that we get to dress alike and play together
  2. What don’t you like about it?
    Ka’Mani:  I don’t like that we wear the same clothes.
    Madison:  I don’t have any complaints
  3. Do you like to do the same things?
    Ka’Mani:  Yes, sometimes it’s cool.
    Madison:  Not all the time.
  4. What’s the stupidest question people ask you about being a twin?
    Ka’Mani & Madison:  Are you twins?
  5. Do you ever try to switch identities?
    Ka’Mani &Madison:  Yes, we try to play tricks on our mom but it never works out lol
  6. How are you most different?
    Ka’Mani: I think I’m more of a tomboy..I hate to wear tights and I don’t always like when my hair is down.
    Madison:  I like wearing shoes more then sneakers and I love wearing my hair out all the time.
  7. What famous twins would you like to be like?
    Ka’Mani & Madison:  Well, our mom always taught us to be ourselves but we love Tia & Tamara.  When we saw them on television we pictured ourselves.  We also can’t forget about the Olsen twins — from their dolls to their fashion sense they are huge.
  8. Who inspires you?
    Ka’Mani:  My mom inspires me because she teaches me about growth, God and how to survive and remain a respectful person.
    Madison:  My mom inspires me because she teaches me about life and the importance of keeping God first.
  9. What is your happiest memory together?
    Ka’Mani:  My happiest memory is when we both made it to the Junior Olympics in Maryland and Texas.
    Madison:  My happiest memory is when my family went to Disney world.  It was magical.
  10. Four words to describe you would be _______.
    Ka’Mani:  pretty, smart, talented and daring
    Madison:  cool, crazy, pretty and funny
  11. What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
    Ka’Mani & Madison:  We run track, play piano, sing and dance.
  12. What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
    Ka’Mani:  I love going to the pool.
    Madison:  I love family BBQ’s.
  13. What do you want to be when you grow up and why?
    Ka’Mani:  I want to be a fashion designer, doctor and/or trackstar because it has always been my dream to do what I love and these things make me happy.
    Madison:  I want be a fashion designer because I get to create my own style of clothing and be myself.
  14. Do you have any advice for cool kids with big dreams?
    Ka’Mani:  Always be yourself and never give up on your dreams.
    Madison:  Always keep moving forward and believe in yourself.  Don’t allow people to change who you are.

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